The Literacy Collective is a science-based, tier 1, reading instruction and knowledge-building literacy program for Foundation to Yr 2 teachers. We are currently building our new website and resource centre with value-packed resources and materials that have been tested in hundreds of classrooms during our three year trial. 

With your planning done and your lessons provided, you’ll have time to:


a book study with colleagues: Reading Above The Fray.

a short course: Shifting the Balance - 6 Ways to Bring the Science of Reading into the Balanced Literacy Classroom.


to one of our favourite podcasts: Science of Reading - The Podcast.


a current research paper! Reading as Liberation - An Examination of the Research Base. Yes, there is more to reading than decoding!


from the experts! We’re closely following the work of Professor Nell Duke. Her work in building on Scarborough’s Rope Model is groundbreaking!


See the course

Read the book

Take a listen

Learn more

Go to Website

more of the things that you love doing but never have time for. 



Contact us if you want to learn more about making the complete shift to structured literacy.


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