Fast track literacy success using a fully integrated, science based program that incorporates the Literacy Big 6!

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"I love that all of the activities are grounded in the Science of Reading research and provide the best opportunity for all of our learners to succeed, even our vulnerable learners".

Hayley Kopittke

Prep Teacher, Brisbane Christian College

Why Millions of Children Can't Read

A Simple Checklist To See if Your Reading Program is Science Based

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We believe that you hold in your hands the most valuable resource on the planet today…. The opportunity to change tomorrow’s world through the children you teach today.

We help early years teachers fast track their student’s acquisition of literacy by providing a fully resourced 'sound to print' literacy teaching program embedded with evidence based research.

Reduce the overwhelm, achieve unprecedented success and be confident using science based methodologies in your classroom today.

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The Number 1 prerequisite to fast track reading success

"FINALLY….a program that integrates every component of literacy AND is science based. TLC has changed my life, I’m confident in what I’m teaching, my students love the learning activities and their results have blown me away".

Jo Parmenter
Imagine a classroom where
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The Literacy Collective Reading 5
The Literacy Collective Reading 6

The great thing about this program is that Caleb is experiencing reading success quite early because the emoji symbols assist him to break down the words and sound them out correctly, even on the first read at times!

Calebs Dad

We have collated our favourite research and resources in our Learning Hub!

Access the latest research and begin your Science of Reading journey here!

The Literacy Collective Reading Cheat Sheet

Download our free cheat sheet

The Number 1 prerequisite to fast track reading success

Your work matters
because your work changes the world!

When you invest in your students through a TLC program you are also supporting a literacy teacher in a developing world classroom.