#033 The False Positive Results – How Not To Be Lured In By This Fallacy

The attraction of a common early reading success fallacy has been a consistent lure for teachers, and has sufficiently undermined English reading instruction ever since it was first stumbled upon.

It did not take long for this 'golden bullet' to hit globally, providing enormous commercial enterprise for companies producing resources with this debunked philosophy. These resources and programs are so ingrained that even educational systems today mandate the use of their commercialised assessments and data and it is producing concerning ‘false positive’ result.

In today’s early primary classrooms, teachers are feeling an ever-increasing pressure to get their students reading. It is easy to lose sight of the developmental process and try to skip steps in order to get our kids reading as soon as possible. There is just one problem: skipping steps is not going to work in the long run. Children’s progress in reading will be limited if they haven’t learned the crucial foundational skills of reading.

Remember the saying, ‘short term gains result in long term pains’....

Join me in Episode #33 to find out about the concept of ‘false positive’ results and hear how you can protect your students’ learning for their long term education.

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