#034 What Readers Should I Use In My K-2 Classroom? Decodable, Predictable or Storybooks?

There's a hotly debated topic amongst teachers and schools that's getting a lot of attention lately...... 'What readers are the best to use to support students learning to read.....predictable, decodable or story books'.

When you sit down to plan what you’re teaching for your small group reading instruction or in your literacy program, how do you make a decision about the kinds of texts you are putting in front of your students?

Join me in episode #34 where I present the facts and research on what type of readers you should be using and help you see that this requires serious consideration by early years teachers and curriculum coordinators in every school. I know this may sound dramatic, but for some children (potentially 20-30% of your class) it could literally mean the difference between a successful launch into reading or a lifelong struggle with reading.

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