#049 A 6 Minute Assessment Tool to Test Phonic Decoding

In episode #49 I share the knowledge and the tools to begin the identification and prevention of decoding fluency difficulties…..

There are many quality assessment tools out there that are aligned to the Science of reading but even with those, which ones do you choose and how do you know which assessment is the right one for your students?

The simple answer is to have a basic understanding of where the problem lies because from there you can use further assessments to dig down to the root of underlying deficits. 

Today I want to share with you a basic snapshot diagnostic assessment so you can quickly identify where the gaps are and determine the best way to remediate the problem. I’ve provided the TLC Phonics assessment, for FREE for you today. I recommend using this quick check to see what phonics learning has been retained and what areas need further investigation.  It’s also very useful for obtaining a quick snapshot of a new student’s phonic knowledge.  This data can also be used to group students with similar gaps and provide Tier 2 intervention in class.

Join me as I unpack the 6 components of the assessment.


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