Phonemic Awareness Assessment


You will get (digital Download)

  • 2 x phonemic awareness assessments (beginner and intermediate)
  • Instruction/administration guide


The Literacy Collective created this Phonemic Awareness Screener Assessment to assess a child’s progress with the 8 phonemic awareness skills, and determine a success rate for the crucial foundational skills of reading. Intervention is needed if phonemic awareness scores fall below 80% in each category.

The Phonemic Awareness Screener Assessment has 2 levels and are recommended at different times during the first year of school.

Level 1 Phonemic Awareness Skills Test (Beginner) recommended end of Term 1 (after 10 weeks of school)

Level 2 Phonemic Awareness Skills Test (Intermediate) recommended end of Term 3 (after 30 weeks of school)

This assessment can also be used on older students that show signs of reading difficulties to identify their Phonemic Awareness weaknesses.


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